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french polynesia’ s one- of- a- kind passenger- freighter cruise, the aranui 5 has a limited number of staterooms available on sailings for the nov. 15 voyages for guests looking for a last- minute holiday getaway. tags: compagnie polynesienne de transport maritime, freighter cruises.

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but, at least for now, great lakes cruising is at a low ebb, with only a few ships and high rates. the future depends on how well some of you might enjoy a great lakes cruise. currently, as far as.

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mary’ s river is the only water connection between lake superior and the lower great lakes. with a section of the river dropping 21 feet and creating the st.

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mary rapids, this was a great barrier in getting the ships to the lower great lakes. thus the locks were formed.

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the first lock was actually built in 1797! great lakes cruises - embark on the small ship yorktown for a cruise from chicago through the great lakes of north america. how to book a freighter cruise booking a cargo / freighter ship cruise is not quite as simple as booking a normal cruise. most run to a fairly regular schedule however this can change depending on the freight being transported.

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great lakes cruise company sailing america’ s inland oceans great lakes cruise company defines luxury adventure with enticing destinations, stunning scenery, and exquisitely designed maritime experiences. aboard the fleet of ships you can expect personalized service, enriching activities, fine dining and a once- in- a- lifetime adventure. new era in great lakes passenger cruising it' s not just cargo moving on this inland waterway.

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Right- click on book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise the map to clear tracks and way- points. Explore french canada and the great lakes with this voyage from montreal, canada to detroit, usa ( trip reversable). Life aboard a great lakes book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise freighter the free press' jim schaefer and eric seals to chronicle crew, food on ship and beauty of the lakes.

Like maris and a la carte book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise freighter book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise travel book trans. Cruise through four of the great lakes ( lake ontario, lake erie, lake huron, & lake michigan) and the georgian bay to discover grand landscapes filled with indigenous wildlife. I was book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise on that run throughout the 1970' s, sailing from warm, colorful mediterranean ports, across the wintry north atlantic and icy st.

Freighter travel. So, if you are someone who is prone to motion sickness, think carefully about booking passage on a cargo ship. And while cargo ships often have comfortable sleeping quarters they’ re unlikely to be luxurious. Click on ship icons for more information and pictures. One of the most frequently asked questions is: how can i get a ride on a great lakes freighter? Paul r tregurtha - walk through of guest quarters.

From the villages, fl 2nd place winner fred s. Great lakes cruise tips. ' ' those who book far in advance, say a year or more, hardly ever end up going. On this journey you will admire the stunning french- canadian countryside, visit the fascinating penitentiary museum, and be in awe of the powerful niagara falls. Westport, ct - on the eve of the freighter travel club’ s 50th anniversary we are reprinting book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise some of the more interesting articles from the december 1958 charter issue of the freighter travel news. But if a quiet, slower paced, more intimate way of travel and the opportunity to learn and book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise experience different cultures around the world sounds interesting to you, then maybe you’ ll want to consider booking passage on a cargo freighter.

Win a trip for 4 on a great lakes freighter winners 1st place winner debby m. Most travel agents do not book freighter voyages, so you will have to book through an agent that specializes in freighter cruises or directly through the ship’ book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise s agent/ manager. A cruise aboard a lakes freighter is only available to guests which includes the shipping company' s. The purpose of a cruise ship is to provide a relaxing and enjoyable time for everyone on board. On a cargo ship, you might need your sea legs. What companies have you used and what has the experience book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise been, ie.

Greatlakescruises. Freighter travel - plan and explore your cruise around the world. Freighter passenger service transatlantic voyages to/ from the great lakes passenger voyages aboard five modern ships of polska zegluga morska ( pzm) of szczecin, poland, are available from april through november on the very interesting route between amsterdam ( port of ijmuiden), and the great lakes. Right- click on ship icons to create way- points for measuring distance.

You can travel from one port to another or around the world by freighter. Head cook kay meader said the crew members like the basics, and that means meat and potatoes. Cma- cgm sails an around- the- world itinerary of approximately 77 days from. From dorr, mi michigan raffle license # r51083. 4- 7 day cruise for two aboard a great lakes freighter! Life on a great lakes freighter: all hands well fed.

Manitowoc great lakes freighter navigates narrow channel. Check out this story on freep. Com took all the book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise guesswork out of finding the right book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise great lakes cruise. I saw every mile. Then i took a slow boat through four great lakes.

Launching of the first algoma 650ft self- unloader great lakes bulk. Lawrence river, to montreal, carrying general cargo and the very first shipments of what came to be known as ‘ containerized’ cargo. I could easily imagine that there are people who would enjoy doing both types of cruises, each for it’ s own unique experience, even if money was no object. , so the car service, the pre- trip hotel stay, and the transfer to the port eased our minds. A cruise ship is more of an entertainment vacation, while a freighter cruise is more of a relaxation vacation.

Go on a cargo ship cruise and there might be as many as four or five other paying passengers like yourself. From plymouth, mn 3rd place winner mark v. Cruise vessels have called on the twin ports in recent book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise years, but it had been decades since duluth enjoyed regular service or served as an origin/ destination hub. Freighter travel is a less crowded alternative for crossing a sea or ocean, not using airplanes or commercial cruise book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise ships or ferries. A hybrid freighter.

Tips for freighter cruises. Walk through book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise of guest quarters - great lakes freighter mike schrage. This will be followed by a full set of today’ s q& a freighter cruise guidelines.

Some planning are necessary. Freighter travel is book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise similar to being on a cruise. If you' ve ever dreamed of being a passenger cruising the great lakes like charles dickens. The round trip normally lasts about 45- 70 days. Or, you may be the only one. Great lakes ships are not certified to carry passengers for hire, so it is impossible to buy a ticket.

Myssura offers a surprising observation on the fate of potential freighter travelers. Freighter travel: info on freighter travel cost, and how you can take a cruise on a freighter ship. The great lakes form the largest freshwater ecosystem on earth with a melding of natural wonder and majestic beauty. The purpose of a freighter is to get cargo from point a to point b as quickly as possible.

Cargo ship cruises are the most likely way to get from point a to point b on a low carbon dioxide level - book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise for experiencing a freighter cruise around the world for book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise instance. Not all agents book the same voyages, so shop around when booking and picking a freighter that is right for you. Cruise ships troll around tranquil seas, with stabilizers so that you barely know you are moving. The massive great lakes freighter, built in 1917 and retired in 1966, houses displays relating to maritime history in the cargo holds, including two lifeboats from the. Win the cruise of a lifetime.

Enjoying dinner with the mv beltram trader crew. And passengers can book inter- continental passage on both east- and book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise west- bound cruises. Recommended cruise book : cruise lines, ferry operators, freighter cruises, river cruises, casino cruises, tall ships cruises - official web sites ( other cruise operators, that are not properly shipping companies, are listed in the links page). To book passage on a cargo ship you can go directly through some shipping lines. We have teamed up with hamish jamieson at freightertravel ( nz), based in napier, new zealand, who have a register of book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise almost every passenger carrying cargo ship in the world and provide a worldwide booking service for freighter ship cruises.

Learn how geography, weather and. The voyage to the great lakes, much sought after by passengers, was highly challenging to seamen. My wife and i were hesitant about how to get to the port, when to arrive, etc. Passenger bookings. Great lakes & georgian bay. An book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise icebreaker mackinaw maritime museum ship promotion.

Great lakes cruise ship book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise and freighter boat watching in book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise the soo. Departures: june 17, june 24, july book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise 23, july 30 milwaukee / toronto ( midland) special savings available the great lakes region is one of the most spectacular waterways in the world. In addition, any other pertinent information that you would like to share. I am considering a one- way freighter cruise of about book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise 2- 3 weeks. Careful planning is half of the booking. Yes, book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise booking passage on a cargo book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise freighter is completely different from a cruise ship.

It’ s definitely not everyone’ s cup of tea. It’ s relatively inexpensive ( compared to other cruise ships) and easy to do as more and more freighter companies come on board to offer passenger service. The idea of going on a regular passenger cruise doesn’ book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise t appeal to me all. Leaving and arriving as scheduled, diversions from port stops and accomodations. Lakers: the evolution of the great book passage on a great lakes freighter cruise lakes freighter, " by ryan gale : this exceptional new book takes readers on a 300- year journey following the evolution of freight- carrying vessels on the great lakes, from the wooden tall ships of the 17th and 18th centuries to the steel giants of today.

For my ride — a 740- foot freighter called the algoma equinox. Check with the freighter line for an estimate of how stable the ship will be in the conditions of seas typical during your intended season of travel.